Friday, November 2, 2012

Led lcd tv buying guide.

What is led lcd tv?

Led Lcd tv is a combination of the lcd and led, with led arrays lending brightness to the led tv from the sides; so as a whole a simple lcd led tv is not a complete led tv as most companies tend to advertise, but a lcd tv with led used for more brightness/illumination. The picture itself is given by the lcd, which is an older concept, but the combination of the led arrays from the side onto the panel lends it far better clarity - hence the name led lcd tv has come into existance. The full led tv has not yet come into the home markets for a cheap price, though they are being abundandtly used as large led displays for advertisemnts of businesses.

So should you buy an led lcd tv?

Yes, why not - if the whole of the world is shifting to the led technology, you should be part of the thing too. The good thing is that they are becomming cheaper - and the concept which was once a domain of the very rich is now in everybody's reach. You should definately buy a led lcd tv to replace your older color tube techology.

Should I go for a flat screen lcd led tv?

At one point of time the lcd led tvs, used to come with a small curvature - but now almost all these new tech peices from good brands come in flat acreen versions.

What about the size?

The size is a major consideration; and one of the most important factors while buying an led lcd tv. The smaller sized ones; always come cheaper, and the larger sizes go for a premium. The ideal size for medium sized rooms has always been 22 inches, and the maximum should be 32 inches if a room sizes is somewhat bigger. Bigger sizes must always be chosen for bigger rooms, since the aspect ratio must fit the size of the tv and the room size.

What about the price of an led led tv?

The price of an led led tv is of very significant value - and they come in all prices. The prices depend mainly on these few factors -

  • The Brand
  • The size
  • Local taxes.
It is important to note that a 22 inch tv from a good reputed brand in india goes for about Rs. 13,000 to Rs, 17000, and even lessser; but the bigger sizes do cross the price of one lakh; and sometimes much more in case of jumbo cases. Choose the brand first, and if you are not that brand conscious, then go for the one with the least price. Simple airthmatic.

LED LCD tv brands and their choice -

Nothing much to say about this except the fact that almost all good brands are now manufacturing led lcd tvs, and in a country like india, they are in a major Rush. Some of the really important led lcd tv brands in india are -

  • Sony
  • Panasonic
  • Philips
  • Toshiba
  • Aviva
  • LG
  • Samsung
Apart from these many small brands have also come into existance. Saleswise, it is Sony Bravia which is outnumbering everybody through out the country.

Buying online or through a dealer?

In india, many online stores have sprung up which give one the ease of buying at home. If you are comfortable with online buying, do so, but for a high prices commodity, a dealer buying is always more prefferable.

After sales service?

Most companies offer warranty/after sales service, and even though a lcd led tv is not a regular servicable product, then also it is advisable to ask the dealing company to issue a limited warranty fro the same.

Led lcd tv replacement cycle -

Not much yet, because the full led tvs will come intto the mainstream in a few years time, so an investment made now will not hurt much in recycling hassales, like it happnes in mobile phones.

And most important - The electricity bills!

This is the major point which favours this new technology over the older tube types. They save electricity, because they consume less power.

So just buy one and hang it on your wall for happy viewing.

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