Friday, November 16, 2012

LG 32 inch led tv 32ls3400 price and specifications.

Lg 32 inch led tv 32ls3400 price and specifications -

Lg electroincs has a 32 inch led tv 32ls3400 with 32 inch led screen. Let us look at its price and specifications -

1 Price -

With a price of around USd 600 or Rs. 34000, this 32 inch led tv from lg is a good buy, certainly better than 32ls3300.

Screen size - the screen size is 32 inches, which is a very good size for any mid sized room. Even for a small room, the 32 inch ledtv is ideal.

Specifications -

  • usb
  • hd ready
  • advanced ips panel
  • smart energy saving
  • hd
  • hdmi
  • clear voice 2.0
  • intelligent sensor
  • resolution 1366x768
The lg led tv 32ls3400 is a good buy with a decent price tag.

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