Wednesday, November 7, 2012

LG led tv 22LS3300 review and price

Lg electronics has a led tv model called 22LS3300, which is a 22 inch led tv, and one of the cheapest in its category.

Let us look at its specification and price -

The price is good -

At around 250 USd. or 14500 INR, this is a very comfortable price for a 22 inch led tv. So price wise this is a great buy.

The size of the screen - 

It has a 22 inch screen which is just about level for  most led tvs, but for a price that is really cheap, a 22 inch screen size is an alright option.

Other specs -

  • HDMI
  • RF
  • USB
  • Audio 5wx2
  • resolution 1366x768
  • Hd
  • Divx certified.
  • True black.
  • Life like colors.
  • External output devices.
The lg 22ls3300 is a really good buy, if one considers a buying a cost effective tv.

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