Thursday, November 8, 2012

LG led tv 26LS3700 price and specifications

LG 26 inch  led tv lg 26LS3700 price and specifications -
LG has a 26 inch led tv in the market going by the model 26ls3700 with a screen size of 26 inches.

The tv is a good one from the LG stable; and let us now look at its price, features, and specifications -

The screen size -

With 26 inch screen size, one can easily place this tv in a mid-size room, and is very suitable for common rooms. Much larger than the entry level 19 inches, or 22 inches screen sizes.

The price factor -

At around 500 USD, or 25000 indian Rs. this is a good buy for a 26 inches television. On the other hand if you want a tv for a lesser sum you could consider the 22ls2100 which is a 22 inch led screen size led tv from LG but at a far lesser cost.

The specifications/features -

  1. USB
  2. HD ready
  3. Advanced ips pannel
  4. deeper contrast
  5. fine color accuracy
  6. 26 inches screen size
  7. resolution - 1366x768
  8. clear voice 2
  9. audio output - 7 watt/each spekaer
  10. dolby sound.
  11. weight 5 kg with stand
  12. HDMI
  13. With stand and remote.
The lg 26ls3700 is a good tv in the 26 inches category, but one must compare it with a cheaper one, especially the 22 inches one before trying to make a final decision.

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