Monday, November 5, 2012

Samsung 19 inch led tv 19ES4000 review.

Samsung has an entry level tv model called 19ES4000, which has 19 inch led screen size. Let us see whether one should buy it or not?

The screen size -

The screen size is just 19 inches, in a time when the old crt of 22 inches is past gone - so if you are not buying a led monitor but a led tv, then 19 inch screen size is not good at all.

The price tag -

This one is good - really good, just above USD 200, or around Rs. 11000 in indian currency, it looks like a smart buy, but certainly not for just 19 inches of screen size.

Oher features -

  • Mega dynamic contrast ratio
  • Very slim
  • touch of color design.
  • 4HDMI
  • Can share 4 devices.
  • Has samsung Anynet.
  • Series - 4000
  • 720p
If you are price concious, gor for this little one from Samsung, otherwise skip it and by a 22 inch one atleast.

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