Thursday, November 17, 2011

The chinese led makers to expand business in india

The chinese led makers are all set to expand their business in india, and considering the fact that most of the indian demand for these products is met by the mainland china manufacturers, it is inevitable that they will certainly make their presence felt in the country.
There has been over a 25 billion usd invetment in the led business in china, especially in Fab and designing, and more than 80 chinese companies are now actively involved in developing mass market products in the led related business, with chief target as India, EU, and Usa.
Already the chinese strip lights have invaded the indian decorative scence, and by keeping the prices low, they will soon be entering the large led display segment too, which in the next few years will be one of the most explosive segments in this sphere.
The indian market wil be more than happy, as their dependebility on the western maket will dwindle, as the chepaer, chinese versions will take center stage.

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