Monday, October 15, 2012

Led lights in Delhi

There are various companies, and manufacturers that have sprung up to sell led lights in delhi, and most of them are centred to serve the NCR region -

1 The indian manufacurers - They are less, but are comming into existance, and they generally import led from China, and assemble them in form of led lumaires - their quality is generally rotten, because they either sell to the official buyers/ and often without a brand.

2 The chinese manufacturers - The chinese led lights in Delhi are quite common, and they are imported from china, and most of the shopkeepers sell them. They are cheap, of low quality, but since they do not cost much, so the buyer buys them for a season or too.

3 The branded ones - Since led is not manufactured in india, and it is imported, so branded manufacturing for the lights is not yet comming up, but sooner or later. This is going to happen. With the rise of their consumption more and more people are going to step into this trade.

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