Monday, November 5, 2012

LG 22 inch led tv 22ls2100 price and specifications

LG has introduced a 22 inch led tv in the market by model name 22ls2100. This is a led tv with 22 inch screen configuration -

LG 22 inch led tv 22ls2100, specifications, and price -

LG has a 22 inch led tv called 22ls2100, a model which has a screen size of 22 inches.

What is its screen size?

Screen size is 22 inches as the model number denotes.

What is the price tag?

Around USD 250 or around Rs. 14000 in india currency. Neither cheap, no costly, but a good average buy.

Has it the famed LG IPS panel?

Yes, it has an ips panel.


Yes, it has HDMI compatibility, allowing the import of digital media without compression from audio vedio devices.

Other standard features -

  • Picture in picture.
  • Auto volume leveler
  • Game mode
  • Sleeper
  • USB for movies.
  • Sound Dolby
  • Wattage sound - 2 into 7.
  • contrast ratio - 50000:1
This led tv from LG in the 22 inch is a decent buy, as it comes with standard features plus a price range which is almost suitable. One can buy it, if one wants a good buy for avearge price.

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