Monday, November 5, 2012

Philips 4000 series led tv specifications and price

Philips, the electronics giant has a specific series for led tv - and one on the lower scale is 4000 series. The specifications and price of these are -

1 32PFL4556/v7 philips led tv

Price - Rs 360000, or around USD 6000.

32PFL4356/v7 led tv from philips

Price - Rs 32000 or USD, 5700.

32PFL4757/v7 philips led tv

Price -  Rs. 46000 or USD 7000.

32PFL4737/v7 , 4000 series

Price -  Rs. 30000, or USD 4800.

5 32PFL4537/v7, from 4000 series

Price - 27000 Rs, or USD 5200.

These are all 4000 series led tvs from philips, and they offer full hd, and digital clear imaging. One can really buy them, as they are good on the budget, plus they are best in their class.

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