Monday, November 5, 2012

Samsung 75 inch led tv 75es9000

Samsung, one of the premier led tv manufacturing company has released a 75 inch led tv, which is awesome if you look at the size. The tv has been named samsung 75es9000 led smart tv. Some points, about his new offering from Samsung -

What is its price?

The price tag is huge - almost out of reach of most people - look at the figure 750000 Rs. in india  which comes to around 137,000 USD at current exchange rates. With such a high price, only the fashionable rich will be able to buy it.

Where is is available?

The huge price tag means, not many stores will have this, and it is available at select samsung stores only.

How much is the screen size?

The screen size is 75 inches, which is huge for a general led tv.

What are the main boasting points about samsung 75es9000?

  1. Built in camera.
  2. Dual core processor.
  3. smart evolution tech.
  4. Easy updaing
  5. Micro dimming.
  6. Gesture control
  7. Precision black technology.
  8. Sound share for docking into samsung audio devices.
Should one buy it?

Oh no, this will just stay a fashion fad for many years, unless they bring down the price, and that won't happen very soon. On the other hand, if you want to create a seperate home theatre experience in your room, and have the money and will to do so, you could buy the samsung 75es9000 led smart tv.

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